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Yateley Car Park Lake

One of the most famous big Carp venues in the land, steeped with history and fished by many carping greats over the years.

Part of the Yateley Complex of Lakes the Car Park is the last of the waters to offer the original hard low stock challenge that made the complex famous.

Many of the fish were moved from the Match Lake on the other side of the road dividing the Yateley Complex during the late 1970s and erly 1980s.

The 9 biggies that made the water famous throughout the 80's and 90's were, Heather the Leather, Arfur Tail, Single Scale (RIP), The Big Orange, The Dustbin, Chunky (RIP), Baby Orange, Pearly Tail and Ugloe (RIP). Heather and Arfur have both topped 50lb every season for the last few years. The lake record currently stands at 54lb 8oz, with Heather to Steve Fudge.

Courtesy of Robin Dix some information on the history of the Car Park Fish:

"Heather was an original Car Park fish, we always had two leathers the big and small leather. The small leather never really grew very much and I caught it several times around the 24lb mark, it was a splendid looking fish, I think the first time I had it was 1984. Single Scale I first hooked from the point in 1976, however I lost it at the net. It took me untill 1987 to finally put it on the bank, even though I lost it a few times. I hooked 4 fish in a 2 hour stalking session one afternoon Heather, Single, Small Leather and the Small Commom. All the bites came from the same small spot in the Car Park corner on the central causeway. Heather I had to play stood on the old tree stump, but her and single I lost in weed at the end, however the other 2 I landed ok. At that point we also had 3 Commons the small common was around 17lb in 1984, the next one 21lb and "the Big common" around the 30lb mark. The Big Common I never saw on the bank as it was killed with a cross bow and fed to a pack of dogs. The Peace Convoy camped in the Car Park one close season, and little could be done to evict them. We tried to keep a watch on the fish we loved. As the Car Park turned into a "no go" area, one sunny lunch time a friend saw the fish shot up by the top bars, and all that was left on the bank was a pile of Common scales after the dogs had been fed. This was a bitter pill to swallow but thank god none of the other fish got harmed. The Dustbin I have photos of when it was a Match lake fish, as well as Ugloe. I think Ugloe was 13lb first time I caught it in the Match, then 21 when it suddenly appeared in the Car Park in 1985. The Dustbin was a low 20 when in the Match then 26lb in 1986 when I first had it from the Car Park. I have also able to match up most of the 5 original pad lake fish which i caught in 1987, with prior photos when I had them in the Match lake. "

This is a rundown of the swims moving in a clockwise direction and starting with the Gate Swim, immediately as you enter the Car Park.

The Gate - The Middle Secret - The End Secret - The Islands - Des's - Tray Bins - The Curly - The Bars - Snags - Chair - End Works - Dugout - Steps - Back Bay - Beach - Trumptons - Waiting Mans.

Run by Cemex angling tickets are available on a syndicate basis. Currently priced at around 450 and operating on a strict waiting list basis.

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