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Used carp fishing tackle

A quick guide to buying used tackle and things to watch out for when doing so, primarily concerning second hand carp rods and reels.

The beauty of a popular sport like carp fishing is the amount of quality carp kit available sceond hand. The tackle tarts amoungst the carp fishing community will regularly upgrade and that means the potential for bargains. On the flip side theft of carp tackle is rife. If something looks dodgy it could well be and demand encourages the problem so look out for ebay or car boot sellers and suchlike who clearly have no knowledge of the sport.

Used Carp Rods
Rods are such an important factor in a demanding sport of carp fishing the last thing you want to spend your hard earned on are worn out sticks.

Things to look out for are
- Floppyness. A good quality rod such as those by Century, Harrisons, Free Spirit or Nash will almost exclusively be made of carbon and be virtually straight under its own weight. Excessive sag indicates a heavily used rod.
- Bent Rings. Rods take a lot of abuse. Regulary bent rings may break and cost to replace, as well as indicating lack of care. Full re-reinging isn't cheap. Very well used rings may become ridged although this is uncommon with modern ceramic linings.
- Reel seats. These should be smooth, ungritty and screw smoothly. Wobbly reel seats are never pleasurable to fish with.

Used carp reels

Carp gearing and springs may wear with use. With old reels such as Daiwa SS3000s and Tournaments are still very popular and cult. Check for smooth operation and no play.

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