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Unhooking Mats - Carp Care

An unhooking mat is one of the most important pieces of kit nowadays and a prerequisite for fishing most decent waters. Even the most experienced angler has the occasional struggle with a big fish so having the biggest most well specced one available is recommended.

A decent unhooking mat should boast plenty of thick padding, a surface which won't abraid the fishes skin or remove slime. Many feature raised sides so if the fish does have a bit of a kick on the mat it shouldn't slide off. Needless to say the more the merrier when it comes to carp care so if you can get assistance with dealing with a fish on the bank it is always best to do so.

Something many beginners miss is that is it important to wet both unhooking mat and weigh sling before putting the fish on or in them. This is critical in helping protect the fish.

Last Edited by: erikb on the 26 October 2008

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