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Tol Pits

This well known Hertfordshire Club Water is run by the Watford Piscators. A tiny venue, only a couple of acres, with a largely silty or choddy bottom, though some areas of gravel exist, and plenty of depth. One main feature is a anti cormorant fish hide to the center of the lake.

Tickets are now only available to members living within a certain range of Watford.

100 carp were stocked in the early 1970's from cotswold carp fishery. Some of these fish have grown on to become historic Colne Valley biggies, such as the awesome Lesters and Plodder, both typically low to mid forties.

Some of the great Tol Pits carp such as the Big Common and Bullet hole common have sadly now died.

There are some stunning back up fish too. For instance Sandy, Sandy's Mate, Sputnik and the Box.

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