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Tiger Nuts

The Tiger Nut has been one of the carp angler's staple particle baits for many years. Actually a small tuber they have time and again proved to be a devastating carp bait. Everybody has there own way to fish them but in cooperation with hemp seed a deadly combination. They are available in a range of sizes although standard ones are usually around peanut sized and some retailers even offer "black" tigers.

Owing to their tough nature they can be happily hair rigged, popularly critically balanced using a bait drill and piece of cork.

It has become common in recent years to buy ready prepared Tigers, from the likes of Dynamite, and it is fair to say there is nothing wrong with these products. It is certainly true though that it is much cheaper to buy dried tiger nuts. If doing so preperation is important.

These puppies take a bit more effort than hemp. An easy and common method is to Soak for 24hrs than boil for half an hour or more to ensure they have fully swollen. There have been a number of carp deaths over the years due to lack of partcile preparation so this is critical.

Many will also argue that leaving the tigers to stew, even start to ferment in their own juices for a few days enhances their attractiveness to carp even more. It doesn't take long for them to develop a lovely sweet slime.

Nutritional Profile
As with all particles a diet solely consisting of these would be none too good for the fish however they are actually not without nutritional benefits. They offer the following nutrition profile.

7% proteins
26% fats
31% starch
21% glucose
26% fibre

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