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The Carp Society


The Carp Society was set up in 1981 by 5 main protagonists, Tim Paisley, Rod Hutchinson, George Sharman, Greg Fletcher and Colin Dyson.

Although in those days carp fishing was still a fairly niche branch of the sport the society boasted over 2000 members in 1986. By 1993 they had grown to be the largest specialist angling organisation in Europe.

The Carp Society was set up with 3 main objectives (as laid out on the society website)

- To entertain members through publications and meetings.
- To take some of the competitiveness out of carp fishing and influence carp anglers to adopt a moderate attitude and fish for pleasure rather than prestige.
- To make an effort to protect carp fishing, and angling generally, through a collective involvement in angling politics.

The society also produced a printed publication "Carp Fisher" from 1981 to 2006 when it was decided a website would prove a more efficient way of communicating with members. The publication was graced with the writings of many greats during it's existance.

By forming a limited company in October 2001 the Society became legally able to own property on behalf of it's members, notably the premises and fishing complex, Horseshoe Lake in Gloucester.


As well as owning Horsehoe the Society runs another couple of waters; Farriers Lake and Langholme Lake.

Horseshoe Lake

Purchased in 1993 Horseshoe is a 62 acre Cotswolds gravel pit particularly well known for it's stock of Galician Strain (Leney) Carp. It is a prolific water with over 50 30lb fish present and several hundred smaller carp. The lake record stands at 46lb. Horseshoe is available to fish on an annual or day ticket basis.

Farriers Lake
Also sitiuated within the Cotswolds Farriers, formerly the Daiwa complex, Farriers is a synidicate complex with 2 lakes, the largest of 32 acres offering a large stock of carp. Farriers is run as a syndicate.

Langholme Lake
The 3rd water to be leased by then Society this 17.5 acre sandpit with a good stock and fish up to upper 30s. As sand extraction at the pit only stopped in 1993 still a fairly young water. Langholme is run as a syndicate.

Membership fees - 2009

Adult 30.00
Senior 18.50
Junior 18.50
Disabled 18.50

Contact details:

The Carp Society
Horseshoe Lake, Burford Road, Lechlade
Gloucestershire GL7 3QQ
T: 01367 253959


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