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Sutton at Hone

This three lake complex near Dartford in Kent is best known for it's stock of big fish in Pit 2. There are however 3 lakes on the complex.

Pit 1
This 2.5 acre lake is well stocked with an 100 carp or around 5lb being introduced in the mid nineties. These fish have obviously grown on and the water now boasts a number of doubles and twenties.

Pit 3
Pit 3 also a small pit of around acres boasts a number of 30lb fish, both mirros and commons up to around 37lb. There are thought to be around 30 fish over the 20lb mark. Generally considered a water where the fish are catchable even in the winter.

Pit 2
The main drawer, probably most famous for the Big Fully Scaled, banked by the likes of Hearn and Ball, the first angler to catch the great fish over 40lber. There are a few other fish which have also done 40lb some of which have now sadly died such as Heart tail Gertie and Blind Eye. However with a number of fish capable of breaking the 40lb mark such as the Big Common there is still a stunning stock to go for including a number of big commons.

The water holds around 70-80 carp which for a 4.5 acre venue seems a lot but isn't enough to stop the lake having earnt a well deserved reputation for being rock hard.

Traditionally only a day fishing venue the water has recently been opened for night fishing.

Rules and Tickets
The lake is run by Cemex Angling. Pits 1 and 2 available on a season ticket and Pit 2 on a syndicate basis with a waiting list in operation.

See to buy tickets.

An April/May close season is in operation.

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