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SVC - Spring Viremia of Carp

One of the deadliest of carp diseases SVC has a very high mortality rate and can totally devastate fish stocks. It is caused by a an RNA virus called Rhabdovirus carpio.

Outbreaks tend to occur when water temperatures range between 12 and 20 degrees celsuis. This is obviously why Spring poses the time when the virus is most active and devastating.

The virus may remain present inactive in mud and water for an extended period of time so difficult to remove.

There are a range of symptoms carp with Spring Viremia may exhibit. As these are non specific, this can complicate diagnosis. Some of these include; pales gills, dropsy (fluid retention causing scales to swell away from the body), pop eye and hemorraging.

Fluid build up internally can cause the carp to appear inflamed.

Infected fish often appear lethargic, and can struggle to regulate their buoyancy precisely.

The virus that causes SVC enters the fish through the gills.

The most successful treatment is sadly the destruction of stock and disinfection whereever possible. Anti viral drugs are available but may not be practical for use on lakes of any significant size.

It goes without saying that as with many carp diseases it is imperative to wash and dry nets between fishing different waters.

Another common transmission may be through illegal fish movements.

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