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Robin Red - Bait Making

Originally a bird food used for colouring show birds Robin Red has long been a popular and proven boilie making additive. First hitting popularity in the secretive carping days of the 70s. It was originally made and developed by the Cleethorpes based company, Haith’s Ltd.

Robin Red's main ingredients are paprika, peppers, oils, sugars and crushed seeds. It gets its name from the deep red colour that lends a red or brown tinge in finished baits.

The strength of colour in finished boilies greatly depends on other ingredients included in the base mix, but we recommend a minimum inclusion of 10%.

Whilst originally used mainly in bird food based baits it is now a key ingredient in "Red Fishmeal" baits. An added bonus of darker baits is of course their lower visibility for birdlife, although obviously nothing can stop 'em when they got on the stuff.

Typically an oz or two will give baits a good level of attraction and a reddy brown colour, depending on other ingredients.

However it can be included in base mixes at up to 6oz per lb.

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