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Richmond Park Lake

As far as Cities go London does boast a few nice carp fishing venues. One notable venue much famed for the "Royal Forty" is Richmond Park Lake. A hard water, not without problems to angle.

Created by King Charles I in 1637, Richmond park was originally a hunting park. He introduced around 2,000 deer, and to make sure they didn't stray he built a brick wall eight miles long, which you can still see today. The lakes themselves were dug in 1746.

A large proportion of the south bank is wooded and this areas constitutes an out of bounds.

It has been fished by some of carping's greats such as Terry Hearn and Jon Macallister.

Stocks are fairly low, around 30 fish, with most anglers targeting the Royal Forty which at top weights is typically around 45lb.

The fishing is famed for being a bit of a headache in terms of dealing with the hordes of dog walkers and locals who descend on the venue at the hint of sunshine. This can make the fishing frustrating however as it is a public park it comes with the territory and annoying the public can only damage the prospects of continued angling.

Tickets are issued by the Park Authority.

There is no night fishing.

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