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Redmire Pool

Originally known as Bernithan Pool the historic Redmire pool has a rich past of producing huge carp for it's relatively small stature, at just 2 acres.

Originally stocked by Donald Leney some of it's oldest residents went on to hit 60 years old. Residents such as the imfamous Raspberry, as caught by Chris Yates, for the second time, in the classic Passion for Angling films.

Original stocking records tell of Leney stocking 50 carp of 5.5-8 inchs in March 1934. These fish of the Galician Strain were originally from a Dutch fish farm and originally of easern european origin. The purpose of the original stocking was an attempt to control the weed levels, the pool being shallow and prone to clogging with weed.

Famous Carp

Caught by the great of early carp fishing Richard Walker at 44lb Clarissa held the UK record for around 30 years.

The Bishop

It was fitting that the fish to break Clarissa's long grasp on the title was also a Redmire Resident. Caught by Chris Yates in 1981 at the awesome 51lb 8oz the Bishop also held the record until well into the nineties.

The water is still available for fishing through the Carp Society. Whilst the original monsters are now long gone it remains a popular place for many seeking the famous Redmire Atmosphere. (including Ghost)

src: Redmire Pool - Kevin Clifford & Len Arbery

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