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Monkey Climbers

The monkey climber represents the typical innovative approach to problem solving by carp anglers however has largely been superceded by hangers and bobbins. They have however refound some popularity with anglers looking to capture some retro carp angling nostalgia.

Monkey climbers are effectively a bobbin type indication system where the bobbin rides up and down a steel pin. This helps combat the problems bobbins faced with wind etc. however with better modern alarms and adjustable sensitivity the late nineties saw a move towards swinger type indicators and latterly full circle back to free hanging bobbins.

Problems with the monkey climber included:

- Mud Splash. With monkeys there is always a danger that mud splash from rain or otherwise can jam the monkey. Ice can also cause this problem.
- Friction. As the line must run through the clip at the top of the climber sensitivity can be lost.
- Attachment. They require another hole in the ground in the form of a monkey bar to hold the climber pole or in uber retr o cases the monkey pole itself.

PTFE monkeys, or ones containing a low friction PTFE lining were probably the most common variants.

All in all a nice idea but slightly flawed and probably best confined to the history books!!!

Last Edited by: erikb on the 04 March 2009

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