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Mirror Carp

Mirror carp are a type of carp commonly found throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. They have been recorded to weights in excess of 80lb in Europe and 65lb in the UK. The current British Record being a fish called Two Tone which resides in Conningbrook.

Unlike the Common carp which is covered in even and regular scales, mirrors have irregular and usually patchy scaling. This scale 'fingerprint' allows the angler to identify individual fish by sight and large ones are commonly named.

Amoungst Mirrors a number of visually distinctive scale patters can result such as:

Linear - A row of scales along the fishes lateral line.
Full Scaled - An almost complete covering of scales, distinct from the common carp due to their irregular size and shape.

This lack of scales is widely believed to be the result of selective breeding by monks in order to make the fish easier to prepare for the table.

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