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Maple Peas

Maples, also known as Carlin Peas, were one of the earlier particles used as a carp bait however have not been the most fashionable bait for a number of years. They have proved a very successful bait though, and are still popular on the continent. If you are looking for a different particle bait to fish they are definately worth a look and prepared correctly can give off an attractive milky cloud.

Whilst any particle bait can cause problems if used to excess maples are not a bad source of nutrition with plenty of fibre and protein. As with any particles used for carp fishing the most important consideration is preperation/

Typically soaking for 12-24hrs then boiling for 15-25 minutes is about right. When prepared the peas should be soft and rubbery but not mushy and falling to pieces.

Fishing Maples
As with any slightly bigger particle probably the most common method to fish these is as a pair on the hair.

As a dense particle they can be particular suitable for fishing silty spots where the carp are rooting about.

Last Edited by: erikb on the 20 June 2009

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