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Longmoor Lake - California Country Park

Longmoor lake is a 6.5 acre estate lake with 5 islands. Situated in California Country Park near Wokingham it is controlled by Wokingham District Council.

There are about 70-85 fish in there with the majority of the fish (60lb+) being 20lb+. At the right time of year there can be up to 15 30lbers in there with the biggest going 34-35.

There are some very pretty fish in there (30+ inc commons linears and heavily scaled mirrors).

A good season would be 20+ fish but you ought to be aiming for a take a night.

Security is ok with no problems of vandalism/break ins.

150 a season plus entrance fee,

2 rods until the end of October.
3 rods November to march.
Close season applies.

Last Edited by: erikb on the 26 October 2008

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