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Longfield Road Lake

Another historic lake in the Cemex portfolio Longfield Road Lake contains around 40 carp, around 17 carp of which were stocked in 2001 and 2005. Also famous as the former home of some of the Horton greats which have now passed away such as the awesome Parrot and Jack the net ripper. These fish were moved in the 80s when the lake was drained, potential land development given as the reason at the time although rumours exist of a desire for the fish to reside in the more lucrative horton.

Longfield though still holds some lovely fish such as Clover, usually around 38lb+ and the Dink at 40lb+. Other notable fish include Pinch Belly and 3 Scales, both upper 30lb fish.

The lake is run as a syndicate with a waiting list in place.

As the lake is small, only around 3 acres, with only 12 swims, it operates a 48hr rule.

There is a typical April May Close season.

2 rods are allowed until November and during March. 3 rods are allowed for the remainder of the season.

Bait boats are not allowed as befits a small lake like this.

To join the waiting list you must contact Cemex Angling on
01932 583630

Last Edited by: erikb on the 05 January 2009

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