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Leadcore is a type of line formed by a thin lead wire sheathed in a braided tube. This creates a very heavy sinking line.

Leadcore was first used, and still is, as a heavy trolling line in North America primarily. Starting with Cortland Kerplunk carp anglers noticed it was ideal for creating heavy leaders that would hug bottom and blend in, as well as offer good abrasion resistance.

Now available from many manufacturers including ESP, FOX, Korda etc. in a range of breaking strains and finishes. It is typically attached to the mainline with either a needle knot or by tieing into a spliced loop. At the other end a loop is required for either hooklength, conventional style rig, or lead, helicopter style rig.

Splicing Leadcore
- Strip back around 2 inches of the braided outer and snip the lead off with your fingernails.
- Slide the outer back out, leaving you with 2 inches containing no lead.
- Now insert the splicing needle into this hollow part at the point where the lead ends and slide it up the inside around 3/4 of an inch before passing through the side wall.
- Use the hook to catch the end of the braid and pull it back inside itself, leaving a small loop at the end.
- A swivel or lead can obviously be larks footed onto this loop, or the loop tied to the mainline.

Safety Notes
Leadcore is typically used in 25lb - 45lb breaking strains so as a result any carp attached to a length which is snagged could be in trouble. To minimise this snagging danger, rigs should be fished that either release the lead from the leadcore, see lead clips, or release the hooklink from the leader.

Last Edited by: Erik on the 19 August 2007

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