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Jack Hilton

An carp fishing pioneer from the 50s to mid 70s Hilton was one of the most prolific big carp catchers of his day.

Between 1967 and 1972 Jack Hilton appeared in almost all of the top ten carp captures for those years, topping the lists 1967 and 1971. By 1971 he was the first angler in the UK to land three 30lb plus carp. He angled alongside many other greats of the era such as Tom Mintram and Bill Quinlan on some of the sports early great waters such as Redmire and Ashlea Pool.

As befits many of carping's greats he was also a very successfull all round angler with 7lb+ Chub, 20lb+ Pike and 4lb+ Perch landed.

Perhaps to the modern angler he is still known best for his writing. He authored a number of articles, immortalised in books recently republished by Little Egret Press. These and earlier editions are now regarded collectors pieces.

Quest for Carp - Chronicles Jack's carp angling experiences from his early days chasing wildies to the famous waters of the era such as Withy Pool and Redmire Pool where he spent his later angling days.

Quest For The Best - A compilation of some of Jacks best articles.

Later Life
Hilton stopped angling in 1975 after becoming a Jehovah's Witness. His name was put to a range of hooks in 1980, by Partridge of Redditch, based on an idea of Hilton to use low water salmon hooks, shortening the shank and solder blobbing the end.

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