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Horton Church Lake

Run by Cemex Angling Horton Church lake is a lake rich with carp angling history. At around 14 acres it provides a good challenge.

The lake boasts around 75 carp and a number of the originals, first moved from Longfield. Some of the originals such as the famous Jack (the Net Ripper) and the unique Parrot are sadly now gone. Some of the original 40s still remaining are Shoulders and Tetleys common.

The majority of the stock is now made up of Fishers pond fish which have, as expected grown at a prodigious rate!

The venue was originally run as a trout fishery and at one time joined with neighbouring Kingsmead.

Following the draining of Longfield lake the originals were stocked. Contreversy surrounded a later stocking which was believed by many to have caused the demise of some of these original fish.

The lake has been fished by many of carp fishings luminaries such as Dave Lane and Terry Hearn.

The syndicate can only be fished by joining the waiting list or buying a Cemex Gold Card.

The season operates from June to the end of March.

See for more information.

Horton also boasts a lodge stocked out for the comfort minded angler!

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