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A tiny particle bait, that can be fished with devastating results, groats are untreated, hulled (husk removed) oats, sometimes known as naked oats. As with other small particles they are often fished in conjunction with other particles such as hemp, dari and buckwheat. They are popular for trips to the continent due to their ease of preparation.


Unlike other particle baits groats do not need boiling but they do require soaking for 12-24 hours. To enhance their attractiveness it is popular to add any number of liquid food additives including the irrestible evaporated milk. If using additives soaking in hot water allows them to take on more of the additive so is recommended.

Fishing Groats
Due to their size it's obviously not practical to fish individual grains so probably the easiest method is to use them alongside a more easily fishable hookbait such as tigers or maples which can be hair rigged as appropriate.

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