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The Frimley complex is a group of 4 lakes situated in Frimley near to Camberley. Famous for it's stocks of big commons it offers a good chance of something special.

Pit 1
Alongside Pit 2 the easiest pit on the complex with a high head of fish to upper twenties. Generally shallow with a wide range of features including prolific pads and some lovely bays.

Pit 2
The smallest of the lakes on the complex Pit 2 also offers a high head of fish, predominantly commons, to around 30lb. Multiple catches of hard fighting commons of upper double to twenties are not uncommon.

Pit 3
The main focus for most big fish hunters featuring multiple 40lb commons, including Charlies Mate and

Pit 4
Perhaps the most challenging lake on the complex and the largest. Heavily weeded and with open banks it has produced carp up to 40lb. The lake is a popular walking, sunbathing and general bird feeding spot amoungst the locals. Around 15 acres, the lake has numerous features including some big bars, islands and pads.

For all but the Gold Card holder, Cemex's fish all venues ticket, fishing is day only, one hour either side of daylight.

Bait boats are not allowed on pits 1-3 but are allowed on 4.

Tiger nuts and peanuts are banned.

Some of the swims on Pit 3 can only be accessed with a combination padlock number provided when buying a ticket.

The complex is owned and run Cemex Angling and operates a normal close season from 15th March to 15th June.

Parking is possible at either end of the complex. Either at the trian station or in the housing estate. If parking in the housing estate it is best practice to park away from the level crossing further into the estate to avoid damaging relationships with the locals.

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