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Frensham Small Pond

Controlled by Farnham Angling Society Frensham Small Pond is a mature shallow and silty pit situated in Surrey Heathland. The pond dates back to 1246 when it was used as a fish pond for the Winchester court.

A unique challenge of the pond is posed by the fortunately diminishing number of stumps lurking in the pit. During WWII the pond was drained, along with it's sister, Frensham Great Pond, to avoid it being used as a waymarker for the Luftwaffe. The area was planted with trees which once the war was finished were chopped down, sadly leaving the stumps behind. Whilst many have been dragged out some still remain and are an obvious snagging hazard.


The lake is really famous for the stock of Leney Carp it once boasted. Although most of these perished after a stocking of Burton fish in the 1980s a small number still exist. Chris Ball's book "King Carp Waters" gives a good account of the lakes History.


The water is controlled by the
Farnham angling society on a season ticket basis. Night tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis by ringing a number detailed in the Farnham angling handbook.

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