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Distance Casting

Location location location is probably the most important aspect of carp fishing. If the fish are boshing 120+yds out then the ability to fish at this range can make the difference between success and failure. Ok this may not be the case if you exclusively fish tiny weeded meres, but almost every carp fisherman will be faced with having to fish at range at some point and having a few tricks up the sleeve will always help.

For ultimate distance casting a fast action rod, large spool big pit reel matched to correct lead and line choice will provide the means to hit big range. But even a standard rod will suffice for moderate range with good technique and a few basics in place.

- A fully filled spool. You can only get the most out of a reel with a well filled spool. This should be filled to the rim.

- Correct rig choice. Streamlined leads, such as a the classic zip lead, and ideally a helicopter rig were designed with distance casting in mind. Helicopter rigs are especially useful given their tangle free nature. The last thing you need when trying to hit the spot at your limit is a joe mangle.

- Line and leader. Lighter line, typically 10lb really reduces the drag and weight the lead is towing making a
big difference to range. Obviously if using a bigger lead and light line a leader is essential to prevent the dreading crack off and holing the guy opposites dillo, or head with a 200mph lead.

- Casting technique. There is a lot more information out there around specific casing techniques for extreme range such as the pendulum, popular in beah casting. However even with a normal overhead thump extra range can be obtained by using a long enough drop on the lead, say 4-5ft, and casting with either a light backswing, or casting with the lead on the deck to aid rod

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