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Denys Watkins Pitchford BB

Denys Watkins Pitchford also known as "BB", born 25th July 1905, is a writer most well known in carp fishing circles for his book "Confessions of a carp fisher". A book professed by Chris Yats to be one of his favourites.

He was also a prolific author of Natural History and Childrens books, including the Bill the Badger series.

He was an early pioneer of the sport angling the then unknown Bernithan Court Pool, later to become known more cryptically as "Redmire Pool".

Confessions of a carp fisher
His most famous work amoungst carp fishing circles, Confessions, published in 1950, was probably the first book based entirely around the species.

Written at a time when carp were considered almost impossible to catch 26lb was the UK carp record. Double figure fish were a rarity with a handful caught nationwide in a year.

An account of the 26lb record is given in the book.

The book contains two main strands. On the one hand there is an instructional element, but more enticingly he writes much about the affliction of carp fever, the underlying magic of the sport.

The book also contains reference to many innovations including possibly the first reference to the use of a clockwork Bait Boat for delivering tricky to cast bread crust!!

Later life and death
In later life he was awarded an MBE in 1990. Later that year he collapsed and died in hospital.

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