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Crayfish Avoidance

There are 3 main types of crayfish inhabiting UK waters. The White Clawed Crayfish, the native species, the Turkish or Narrow clawed Crayfish and the problematic American Signal Crayfish. The native species is in fact under threat due to the non native species being larger more aggressive and carrying disease. In order to protect native stocks, much like carp, it is again important to disinfect and dry nets between fishing different waters.

These issues aside the Signal Crayfish is problematic to carp anglers largely due to it's voracious appetite for bait. Efficient removal of boilies or other bait from the hair before the carp get a sniff in being a chief concern.

Some methods worth trying to mitigate crayfish problems include:

Meshing - Using special bait mesh, or pantyhose, to wrap the bait and protect it.

Shrink Tube - Large bore shrink tube again can provide some protection and is probably the solution of choice nowadays.

Large Hard baits - These of course can prevent being whittled down so readily although a determined pincer will see through most things.

Very large beds of bait - An approach which relies on the fact that some will be left for the carp and the hookbait has a chance of remaining intact.

Fake baits - Fake corn & tigernuts etc.

As for bait flavour it is generally considered that fruity baits will give you less of a problem although not solve it totally.

Last Edited by: erikb on the 04 April 2009

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