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Chod Rig

A variation on the classic helicopter rig designed to cope with fishing on mucky bottoms, i.e. chod, or in silt. The top bead of the helicopter is fixed, safely, up to a couple of feet from the lead allowing a short stiff hooklink to float freely up the leader and the rig to find it's own depth.

Safety Notes: Big Ring Swivels or Ring swivels with the ring on the leader should be used to facilitate release of the hooklink from the leader and lead if the rig is lost. The beads used to contain the hooklength on the leader should be capable of moving with only little force to alse facilitate hooklength release. Soft rubber beads designed for this purpose are available.
An ultra safe and effective version.
No leader is used unless itís to aid casting long range.
As small a lead as possible is used.
The top bead is dispensed with and is replaced with a standard runring.
The runring is tied 3 ft from the lead with pva for casting purposes only, to stop the hooklink flying up the line.
The hooklink can settle where it wishes.
If the mainline snaps there is absolutely nothing to stop the short hooklink sliding off, no beads to become trapped.
Depending on size of hook, swivel and popup, sometimes it is necessary to weight the swivel.
Simple, safe and very effective.

Last Edited by: sir basil on the 27 March 2009

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