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Casein - Bait Making

A popular ingredient in bait making Casein is a milk protein that accounts for around 80% of the protein in milk and cheese. It is a fairly slow digesting form of protein versus other bait protein sources such as Whey. This makes it more suitable to sustained protein release.

Traditionally used in Milk Protein type baits various forms can be incorporated at up to 7oz per pound of base mix. This was a popular product for use in the HNV revolution bait days and still remains widely used in bait making and the food industry.

Rennet Casein
This produced by rennet precipitation of the casein from skimmed milk and is a high calcium protein.

Acid Casein
This produced by acid precipitation of the casein from skimmed milk. Often used alongside Rennet Casein and other Caseins to create a broader profile of amino acids in baits.

Calcium Caseinate
It is synthesized from dried milk, and is very high in the amino acid glutamic acid. (Also popular in japanese cooking for it's distinct taste). Calcium Caseinate is quite light which means slightly lower levels should be used, e.g. less than 4oz p/lb, to avoid floating baits.

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