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Carp landing net

As with any item of big fish tackle a quality landing net is important. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a net. Carp landing nets are almost exclusively triangular.

It is generally accepted that 42" is really the minimum size necessary for large carp. For continental capers or really big fish, 50lb+, 50" nets are available.

Often overlooked by the beginner a good deep net is critical. Given carp will often require holding in a net for a period of time look for 4ft minimum.

Very much a matter of personal choice mesh is available in three main variants each with pros and cons. Large meshes, often used for net sides allow the net to move more eaily throught the water but are a minefield for snagging, especially on rig parts and fins so are best avoided for carp although have benefits for pike fishing.

Micromeshes are probably the most popular all round and a full micromesh net is a reliable choice. Closed meshes are often available for net bases and are mooted as more carp friendly however a soft micromesh will not cause any problems.

Mixed mesh designs claim to offer the best of both worlds although I find the side mesh often seems a bit big and snag prone so prefer micromesh all over.

Arms are typically carbon or fibreglass. Light well made fibreglass arms are more robust over time but sacrifice weight to their carbon alternatives. However a knock to a more brittle carbon arm can create a catastrophic failure so look after it if you use a carbon net. You pays yer money and takes yer choice.

Spreader block
A metal spreader block is a no brainer. Under heavy use cheap plastic spreaders can get stressed and fail. Some of the clever folding designs are worth a look although are not really necessary.

When looking for a landing net handle there are a couple of key considerations, primarily weight, strength, rigidity and diameter. Essentially a strong, rigid and light handle will massively help when netting a fish single handing. Cheap fat heavy poles don't really cut the mustard here. In contrast as nets are commonly thrown in bushs an uber slim carbon beast may not stand up to heavy abuse!!

Also very important is the screw fitting for the spreader block. Anything but metal is false economy here with brass a good option for avoiding corrosion.

Net floats
Net floats are often used to aid netting primarily for anglers fishing alone where they can aid net manouvering. Fastened on the handle at the spreader block a matter of personal preference.

There are a wide range of landing net manufacturers out there. The usual names such as Nash, Fox, Trakker and JRC all offer perfectly adequate products.

Last Edited by: erikb on the 20 June 2009

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