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Carp for sale.

People often ask where to buy carp for stocking
Here is a list of breeders and the type/strains they do and any useful information I can add, hope it helps. carp originaly dink x leney bred for 12+ years so breed true ,some nice lookers. orchid x horseshoe. Own strain? quite long. carp produced by front fish, see below. dink Xs very fast growing scaly carp. pretty Scottish bred carp and koi. long scaly fish long fish slow growers. at least three types, standard carp, leneys, and a very slow grower called o208. Company easy to deal with. carp.
Home grown fish from leathers to fully scaled ,zip and double zip linears Dinks. leney type. carp. carp, carp. own strain now from suttun x leney,+ others to order, fish breed true, a great company to deal with, Viv is a real gent and very passionate about all things fishy.
true.very helpful company. own strain produced from a mix ,fast growers in general, supply D Simmonds, [simo]. carp. own strain from horseshoe and orchid. own strain from mixed, fantastic growers and very individual fish fast growers as well, and a great company to deal with speak to Phil and you will not regret it. own strain from dinkx leney ? very scaly. ? scaley. Pure late leney, very dark and scaley. pure leneys. carp. carp. Israeli supplied and KHV vaccinated, PLEASE be aware most UK experts warn against vaccinated carp.
And finely one without web address.
Southcoast carp 07971315554 Fish of Dinton Pastures origin, fantastic looking carp, being naturally spawned they tend to grow at different rates and no two look alike.
The owner [Simon] is great to deal with but has limited stocks, if you can get them they are certainly worth having. carp. progeny of fish from Orchid Lakes and the Carp Society's Horseshoe Lake Leney Leney x Dinkersbuhl.

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