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Carp Rods

As carping has grown to become the largest specialist freshwater fishing arm in the UK tackle has developed accordingly.


Due to the demands of carp fishing carp rods were originally based on stronger existing blanks such as Cane Salmon rods. With the creation of Carp Fishing as a unique sport in itself specialised carp tackle was developed and pioneered by and for the likes of Richard Walker.

The Modern Era

Modern Carp Rods are almost entirely Carbon. They can be divided into a number of unique types.

Distance Rods - These are designed to cast a long way and a typiclly 12ft+ with test curves of 3 1/4lb+ and a fast action.

All purpose - The typical all purpose carp rod will have around a 2 3/4lb - 3 1/4lb tc and be around 12ft in length.

Stalking Rods - Usually 7 - 10ft these typically have a through action to absorb the lunges of fish close in.

Specialist rods for Spodding and Marking are also available with characteristics to suit.


A range of manufacturers specialise in producing Carp Rods. These include Century, Harrisons, Greys, Nash, Fox, Free Spirit, Chub and Shimano.

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