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Carp Fishing Rigs

The history of carp rigs is one of continuous evolution. Much of this has been driven by the development of rigs to deal with ever warier fish.

Some of the most popular carp rigs include:

The Helicopter rig - By attaching the hooklink on the mainline/leader the rig can rotate freely avoiding tangles on casting.

Chod Rig - A longer floating variation of the helicopter allowing the hooklength to remain above soft bottoms.

Lead Clip Rig - the Hooklength is attached inline with the mainline, the lead attached but a plastic clip designed to release the lead if it snags. It is common to cut down the clip to allow even easier lead release.

Inline lead Rig - By using a lead with the mainline/leader threaded through it there is a very direct bolt action when the hooklength tightens to the lead on taking the bait.

Any fixed lead rigs must be designed to allow the lead to release on a moderate pull should the lead become snagged for carp safety purposes.

Running Rig - Running rigs were very popular in the 80s and but lost popularity compared with bolt rigs and and other fixed rig variants. By allowing the line to run freely through the lead the carp can move away with the bait. These have regained some popularity as the caro have become more accustomed to working out hooks against fixed lead rigs.

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