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This list contains many of the important and influential carp fishing books from the last 50 years although will omit many of the pure guide type books which have obviously dated. This is obviously a work in progress with many more books to add :)


In Pursuit of the largest - 1999 Bounty Hunter - A modern day classic from modern carpings biggest name featuring tales of Yateley, Bazil, The Car Park Lake, Wraysbury and Mary, The Mere and Conningbrook. Also featuring interesting guest chapters from the likes of Nigel Sharp, Lewis Read, Paul Forward on waters including Dinton Pastures.

Still Searching - 2006 M.Press - Terry's long anticipated follow up to In Pursuit didn't disappoint. With 488 pages this weighty tome covers Terry's carp fishing since 1999 to 2006


An obsession with carp - 1999 Laneman - The much sought after tales of Dave's time on waters such as Horton chasing some of the biggest fish in the land.

A flick of the tail - 2008 M.Press - Chapters on Conningbrook, St.Ives, and the hunt for the elusive Black Mirror on the Mere an essential follow up to Obsession.


The Carp Strikes Back - 1984 Beekay - Insights into all tings carp fishing from a transitional era in the sport which brought huge developments in tackle, bait and methods used.

Carp Now and then - 1990 Beekay - The book contains tales of fishing trips and still relevant techniques from one carpings most important innovators.

Carp Along the Way V1 - 2008 Angling Publications - An autobiographical compilation of Rodís published and unpublished material covering his formative years in life, and his carp-fishing exploits from the early sixties to the late eighties.


Carp Fever - 1981 Beekay - Another of modern carp fishing's pioneers Maddocks referred to this as "my total knowledge of all aspects of carp fishing".

In Pursuit of Carp and Catfish - 1986 Beekay - Kevin's reflections on 15 years of carp fishing on waters including Redmire.


Tiger Bay - 1988 Beekay - The first of a classic trilogy centred around the search for Colne Valley carp but also talking the rigs and bait of the time.

Fox Pool - 1989 Bounty Hunter - In the second of the famous trilogy, Rob Maylin features the 1987 - 1989 seasons and features classic waters such as Wraysbury, Longfield, The Snake Pit, Savay and others.

Basils Bush - 1993 Bounty Hunter - The final part of the trilogy the 1989 - 1993 seasons are covered. Time spent on Harefield, Longfield, Yateley, Johnson's Lake and Horto including of course the capture of the legendary Bazil.


A Merry Olde Dance - 2007 M.Press - One of the lesser known carping heroes a journey through Micky's angling life from the early 80s to the present on waters such as Yateley's famous Carp Park to the Colne Valley.


A Romp with Carp - 1992 Rompford - A humorous classic Albert takes you through the many problems he and his friends encounter in their pursuit of big carp and the way these problems are solved by a positive approach, except when things go wrong! Not an instruction manual, more of a book of experiences enjoyed by himself and his friends in pursuit of big carp.


Casting at the Sun - 1986 Pelham Books - One of carping's most enjoyable writers and eccentric characters, this book takes you through Chris Yates' early days right through to his capture of the record carp, the Bishop, from Redmire Pool.

The Secret Carp - 1992 Merlin Unwin - The true story of the events of a single day and night beside an English Lake. Angling books don't get much more atmospheric then this.

The Deepening Pool - 1990 Unwin Hyman - Not a pure carp book but as it's Yate's it's always worth reading! In pursuit of barbel, carp, pike and more.


King Carp Waters - 1993 Crowood Press - Carp Angling's foremost historian, Chris gives a fascinating insight into the stockings of Donald Leney and the impact of these on the sport and a number of classic waters from Redmire to Frensham.


Waiting for Waddle - 1995 - Thompson's record of carp angling, primarily at Horton and Wraysbury, is another great read from a golden era in carping and much sought after.


Carp Season - 1988 Angling Publications - A season's carp fishing inclduing the highs, the lows, the blanks, the big fish. plus includes the Redmire and Jack Hilton interviews, and chapters by Jim Fielding and John Carver.

Carp amid the Storm - 1992 Angling Publications - A collection of Paisley's articles and stories including waters such as the Mangrove in Shropshire

From the Bivvy - 1994 Angling Publications - Tims accounts of a season of angling are especially noted for thoughts on winter carp fishing.


The Syndicate Parts 1-6 - Trio Publishing - Probably the only pure carp fishing fiction in this list, a very funny series looking at events on a small competitive syndicate and "ten men slipping down the black slope of human nature while trying to catch those carp."

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