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Carp Bivvy/Bivvies

The question is often asked, what is the best carp bivvy?? Of course that is fairly impossible to answer as a number of different bivvy styles are available and each offer their own benefits and uses.

Most of the big manaufacturers offer a range of bivvies with Aqua probably the kings for quality although strong offerings from Trakker (Who produce some of Aqua's designs under licence), Nash, Fox, JRC, Chub and others give plenty of choice right down the price scale.

Brolly style bivvies

One of the original carp shelters the humble brolly offered perhaps the first big revolution in carp shelters with the creation of brolly sides and oval shaped brollies which could happily accomodate a bedchair.

Being predominantly single skinned, overwraps excepted, brollies are not the warmest of shelters so not usually the first choice of the cold weather winter angler but are a firm favourite at other times of year. Speed of erection, and unbeatable field of vision when water watching mean brollies remain the choice of many of the hardcore carp angling community. On the negative side brollies mean spokes which slightly limits the space inside the bivvy.

Best for: The proactive angler keen to move on fish and watch the water during the warmer months.

Pram Hood Style

Pioneered by Aqua with their famous Dillo, this much imitated style utilises a classi pram hood style frame allowing the bivvy to effectively pull up to form the shelter from a half moon shape once the poles are assembled. This has become probably the most popular style of bivvy for session angling offering great space and robustness as well as fairly quick assembly. With wraps available to offer twin skin warmth and usable pared down without fronts etc. for summer weather, they are pretty versatile systems.

Best for: The angler who needs a versatile all weather system and has the money for a quality system.

Dome Bivvies

Popular especially for continental and family style fishing dome bivvies are the slowest to erect but offer good space in a more compact storage space.

Best for: those needing more space and unlikely to move frequently during a session.

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