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Black Mirror - The Mere

Renowned as one of the most sought after carp in the country the Black Mirror, now deceased, resided in a lake closed to fishing known cryptically as the Mere. Due to the delicate access situation to this water it is advised that people chosing to fish the venue risk large fines and aggravation. Many tales exist of anglers facing multi thousand pound fines for fishing this SSSI venue.

There was always going to be controversay around fishing for this fish as basically it is illegal. However it is fair to say that this was one of anglings biggest challenges whether you agree or disagree with angling such waters.


1992 - Jason Hayward - 46lb
1997 - Terry Hearn - 48lb
1998 - Steve Alcott - 48lb
1998 - Dave Mallin - 48lb
1999 - Dave Mallin - 51lb
2000 - Ritchie Curtis - 50lb
2002 - Bill Dawson - 52lb
2003 - Steve Pagulatos - 50lb
2004 - Dave Lane - 53lb
2005 - Jon McAllister - 53lb
2006 - Simon Bater
2008 - Mike Willmott - 52lb

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